Product Video

Product Video

People who look at the same thing see different things. How can a potential customer see all the advantages and features of your product or service? The best way to convey all the subtleties of the product is to create a grocery movie.

How is the grocery video created?

To begin with, the customer fills in a brief, which indicates the features of the product or service. Then the contractor or together with the client the idea is worked through. The next stage is a script and a trick. At this stage sketches, sketches or just pictures from the Internet are inserted into the draft of the script, which set the correct mood of the plot. Usually there is a need to create at least a draft version of a storyboard or animatics. After the approval of all the nuances usually go to create a product video.

Roll production options

  • Animation. One of the advantages of such videos is the ability to show complex things – simply. If all competitors shoot video clips, then animation can be a good way to stand out among all. This can include puppet and plasticine cartoons, which is also very prominent in our time, because this is now very few people create in their advertising campaigns.
  • Natural shooting. A film crew, location, props, this is the minimum that is necessary for the shooting of any video. The natural costs will be the cost of shooting equipment and lighting. The most important advantage with respect to animation, is that the viewer better associates with himself living characters, rather than drawn.

Types of product videos

  • Just a blog with a description of the properties. In complex things, sometimes not to the creative, it’s more important to arrange everything on the shelves. To that in such products as wheelchairs – it will not be appropriate to create humorous or entertaining content. Although there is always a possibility that nobody expects this from us.
  • “Common situation”. This type of videos is based on a light story, which shows the solution of human problems, with the help of the advertised product. An uncomplicated story is more easily perceived by the viewer than direct advertising, from this conversion is more effective.
  • Product-presentation video. This is the case when nobody has heard anything about the product and it is necessary to introduce the viewer / investor in the course of the matter. The most important thing in such video works is not to complicate things. For the viewer and so new information is presented, the best is to present it as simply and easily as possible.
  • A product video of an entertaining nature, which will be of interest even to the target audience. This is the type of videos for which we are always agitating before the client. The viewer does not like advertising, so the only chance to catch your attention is to show him something interesting. Most often, the brand fights not with competitors in social networks, but with video about cats and raccoons.

Which video is best for you?

Before choosing your type of video, we recommend identifying with the target audience and positioning your brand. If you are doing a youth product, then you should lead with the audience accordingly. Remember that you should stand out among the competitors, create content that highlights you in the category.

Independently or with professionals?

It is better to do yourself something badly than to wait for budgets for professionals. Of course, professionals will make you advertise at a high level, but if there is no money, then you should not be passive. In an era when every day buying on the Internet “bite off” an increasing percentage of the live market, and YouTube site number 2 on the activity – you need to be there. You just have to be there, tomorrow it will be too late.


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