What is a treatment ? A treatment (from the English. Treatment – interpretation, appeal) is a kind of directorial script or explication. It usually differs from the usual script with a special director’s eye, but sometimes it happens that the director leaves the original script untouched. Usually a tritment consists of a description of the main episodes of the script, with the elaboration of bright moments and details.

Why do we need tritment?

Before starting work on the project, the agency, production and customer have a ready approved script. At this stage, it remains to give shine to the future commercial, so the search for a suitable director is a very important task. Written tritment from the director conveys the future mood and nuances of the video clip. Thus, the customer understands how the director sees the future video, how he is going to do it. In addition, a tritment helps the producer understand the exact amount of the project. After all, when a tritment is written, the director allows himself deviations from the script, so everything from actors to locations and special effects can be changed. The output is a creative look, plus the final amount of the estimated costs.

What is a treatment

What is the difference between a treatment and a script?

The scenario is more of a literary genre, all the details and nuances are described in the triments. And what is a tritment? The director describes the project not only in the actions of the characters, but also in locations, scenery and lighting. Camera movements, off-screen music and voice, background sounds and even packshots can also be described. Thus, the producer and customer understand the scope of work and the conceptual vision of the project.
Examples of Pexhots:

Types of treatments

  1. The original tritment – it is written by the director more often for his use and is not shown to the customer. The purpose of such a tritmen is to discuss with the film crew the concept of a future advertising promo. Typically, the following experts may be included in the narrow circle of such a discussion: director, producer, cameraman, gafer, and art director.
  2. Clause for the customer. This is a more beautifully designed document, which is sustained in the mood that the director wants to convey. There are already examples of beautiful illustrations, emotional descriptions and a whole concept. To create the right atmosphere, the director can issue a document or slides in the style of a future promotional video.

Additions to treatments

In addition to the tritmenta there are additions that are also shown in the form of a presentation to the client. Such additions are characteristic of promotional videos with a sufficient budget, as part of the budget Internet video clips, there is usually no such thing. So, consider the additions:

  • Storyboard (storyboard) – also called a storyboard, is a collection of pictures of the future video clip, you can read more here.
  • References and examples that inspire the director of the future project. Some experts mistakenly narrow this topic to a selection of beautiful commercials. Experienced directors are inspired on the contrary, by anything, but not by advertising. It can be cinema, painting, music and art in any manifestation.
  • Musical references or original compositions. Admit the director when writing the article is inspired by the group Dah Braha and believes that their music is 100% hit. In this case, the director may offer the agency and the customer to contact the copyright holder and buy this music if approved.
  • Perfomances. If the format of the presentation of the project allows, then you can even make a mini performance on the subject of the future advertising promotional video. If the promotional video is filmed in a cowboy style – he can come to the presentation in a cowboy hat or even a suit. Yes, of course, this point technically has nothing to do with the project, but any customer will appreciate such a study in detail. There are no identical solutions, but there is a huge field for experimentation.

On the question “what is a triment?” – Each director will respond in different ways. For some, this is a retelling of the script, for others it is not a plowed field for creative experimentation. One thing is for sure a tritment is a bridge between the director and the customer, which helps to open the curtain of the future promotional video.