Moodboard – translated literally as a mood board, in commercials is a set of slides that reflect the future mood of a video clip. On the other hand, in addition to working out the atmosphere, a mindboard helps to speak with the customer in the same language. By approving it, the client confirms the correct vector and vision for the future project. Thus, the client and the contractor avoid the risks of misunderstanding. Understanding the holistic picture is the most important result you need to get in the bottom line.


How to make a moodboard?

One of the easiest ways to create a moodboard is to download suitable pictures from the Internet and glue together a slideshow or a pdf presentation file. But we will describe a more interesting option just below, but for now a couple of tips on the selection of material. If suddenly google pictures can not find the right options on the topic, then you can search for stocks. By the way, it is not necessary to buy pictures without watermarks, you can use the preview. It is best to choose different options in the direction of motion, size, color, and so on. After all, it is never known how in the process of creative layout you want to alternate slides. After the pictures are assembled, you need to pick up the music. It is possible without it, but it will not be so atmospheric. Here you can not worry about copyright and even use the songs of famous artists, the main thing is to set the mood. Let’s look at possible options for finding songs:

  • Any popular artists or group.
  • A composition from a paid stream that may be purchased in the future for use.
  • At this stage, you can download a preliminary low-quality mp3 file for demonstration.
  • Music from a free flow.
  • Sound design and internals of any format.

Что такое мудборд?

So, after you already have pictures and music, you can start working on editing. We at edpit agency use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but for this kind of editing there is no difference in the programs.

Что такое мудборд?

We load the pictures and music into the program and arrange them as it will be in time in the future video. For example, if a girl sits with a cup of tea for 3 seconds, then the picture with the girl should have the same length of timekeeping. Try to mount in the rhythm of your music, it will increase the effect of perception in the viewer. We know that it is difficult to imagine such a concept as a mindboard abstractly, so we suggest considering one of the working options. Below is a video example of our mudboard for a 30 second commercial. An example of a draft mudboard for an advertising promotional video:

A text script is certainly attached to this example, where the author’s idea is described. Unfortunately, at the time of publication this video is waiting for the premiere, and we can not reveal all the meanings and plot.

What is better not to do in a moodboard?

A wired board should be clear even to a child, so we prepared a list of what should be avoided: other pictures; Complex associative schemes; Frames that do not correspond in spirit and meaning.


What did the author want to say?

Mudboard is not quite the author’s statement. Therefore, do not bother and lay the hidden meanings, because advertising is a mass product. Better focus on conciseness and clarity. It is much better if the main idea is read in your video clip, and the logic of actions will be clear. A good result of the created moodboard / moodboard is when the client can say without any problems that he understood everything from the viewed material. Thus, the mudboard gives us the following benefits:

  • Correct discussion of the idea and the project;
  • Predicting the result of the video clip;
  • Eliminating shortcomings at the planning stage;
  • Confidence that you will not need to make extra edits;
  • Healthy sleep of the performer and the client.

Relatively recently, but today we can say that it is a very useful tool in communication with customers and performers.