5 Reasons to Make an Advertising Animation Trailer

5 Reasons to Make an Advertising Animation Trailer

In this article, we want to disassemble the types of animated videos, as well as their dignity and application. An advertising animation is a good way to communicate with your customers. One of the key advantages for the entire segment is unlimited scenario capabilities and the display of complex things by simple images.

Animation for the facebook page

It is already a well-known fact that most of the adult audience sits in facebook. It is convenient for such an audience to find out news, communicate with friends and choose goods and services. And for sure your company already has a public page in this social network. And although for facebook, the video function at the top of the page is no longer a novelty, but still very few companies have a video in the “header” of their page. So much the better for your company. You can use this as an advantage and post a short video about the company.

An important feature of this “cap” is that it has its own specific dimensions of 851 x 315 px, i.e. If you have a normal Full HD video file of 1920 x 1080, it will automatically be circumcised. There are several solutions:

  1. Shoot the video, taking into account that the top and bottom margins are cut off when inserted.
  2. Insert the existing footage, sacrificing the fields.
  3. Create an animation, initially having planned the sizes and proportions already under the facebook dimensions. In addition, the advantage is that you can place your contact information about the company, which will be constantly in the frame, because often people come to your page to quickly see the phone or mail.

Advertising animation in the form of a Pre-roll

Pre-roll is usually a short video that appears in front of the main video. In such videos, because of the compressed time, they immediately go over to the essence of the sentence. One of the main advantages of such a video is the fact that the viewer often watches it to the end. If such a preorder is short, then the viewer will not even have a need to press the “skip advertising” button, which ensures the inspection of your advertising offer.

Animation for presentation or report

If you need to stand out among dozens of Power Point presentations, the best solution is to develop an animated movie. Standard presentations – associated with people with something boring, as well as with the time spent.

Let’s see what advantages such an advertising animated video or presentation has, in comparison with usual slides or text report:

  1. Laconic design. Yes, in order to say briefly and concisely, we need to work out the message properly. But for the fact that you saved the viewer from 20,000 words and saved him time, you will be much loved. People will appreciate that you do not “pour a lot of water”, appreciate the time of others, because the brevity is the sister of talent.
  2. Bright and dynamic. Animation allows you to make interesting even a boring schedule, which is already talking about numbers. Growing graphics, metaphorical images, all this allows you to pin the attention of the audience.
  3. Sound design, music and announcer. More than 30% of the perception of information in a person depends on the sound design. Special sounds allow you to emphasize and highlight accents. Music – creates the necessary atmosphere, which adjusts the viewer to the desired mode. Speaker – has a sharpened voice, pleasant timbre, correct pronunciation, which gives a correct perception of information.

Viral advertising animation

There’s nothing better than engaging your customers with fun sketches, especially if your target audience is people who come to you for emotions and entertainment. In this case, it is best to drop formalities and phrases such as “best quality”. People will appreciate the simplicity, humor and positive wave of your video. By releasing such a video on the Internet, your viewer feels that this is not just another company that dreams of earning money on them. With this approach, you become for people “your boyfriend”, i.e. you speak with a person in understandable language.

Marketing video

It’s easier for ordinary viewers to click a button and watch a video about a product or service than to read an article for 10,000 characters. Respecting the time of your viewer – make a simple and understandable advertising animation. With humor or without you decide, depending on how you position yourself. Do not forget that YouTube is the second most visited site, so why do not you post about yourself videos?


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