Company video

Company video

A video about a company is always a responsibility, you need to pack information about the brand as compactly as possible, and this should be interesting and useful. In this article we have collected basic tips on how to create a cool video clip and what mistakes should be avoided.

For those who have little time:

  • Hire an experienced screenwriter, but the whole team is better.
  • Make the shortest possible clip. If the topic is extensive, then create a series of videos in which there will be a separate series for each topic.
  • If you have a budget, shoot your video in as many different ways as possible: with aerial photography, stabilization, and so on.
  • Even a small budget for computer graphics will make your company video better and more interesting.

Company video

Scenario video about the company

From what will be your advertising promotional video, 50% will depend on the script. Well, when the script is written by an experienced team, it is already at the description stage planning frames and the visual series as a whole. Here are the most important components of any scenario:

  • Structure. There should be a clear and understandable semantic line. At each moment of the video clip about the company, the viewer should understand what is happening in the frame.
  • Hooks. To viewers watched your video until the end of his attention must be constantly maintained. We at edpit agency call it “hooks.”

Timing video clips

This aspect sin many companies. The problem of long clips is that they are not inspected to the end, which means that the viewer does not recognize part of the meaning. There is no optimal time. For a corporate film, timekeeping in 10 minutes may be normal, but if it is 2 minutes, then the chances that it will be watched by more people are much higher. Suppose you have a lot of topics, but you do not need to talk about them in one video about the company. In the main video you can tell about the general directions of the company, and in video blogs you can talk in more detail about each separate topic.

A variety of frames

The more diverse the video series is, the more interesting it is for the viewer to watch. If you have even the slightest opportunity to attract the budget of the video, then you definitely need to do this for technical equipment. Let’s take a look at the main options for making your video more artistic with inexpensive gadgets:

  • Shooting with the hands. The most affordable version of the “floating” and “live” camera creates the effect of presence, which makes the movie about the company nice.
  • Shooting with a tripod. With the help of a tripod head, you can rotate and thus monitor moving objects in the frame.
  • Shooting using three axial stabilization. This gives you the opportunity to create the effect of camera spans. All shots taken in this way create a special atmosphere of ease, like in a movie.
  • Shooting on a slider. Slider – is a “rail”, which moves the camera. In contrast to the three axial stabilization, here a clear direct trajectory of the camera movement is set. Timelights. It is a set of photos taken with a certain frequency. Usually, such shots are best obtained if it is possible to set the camera for the whole day and get at the exit “a day in 15 seconds” with floating clouds, moving cars and other things.
  • Shooting from the air. Aerial photography is one of the most powerful visual tools, with proper use. Especially cool shooting from the air combined with ground shots, so the human eye is comfortable to see a variety of shots with different size.

Graphics in the video about the company

Graphics in the video clip is another tool to improve content, display digital information or simply select objects. In fact, the tasks that would solve a lot more graphics, so there are restrictions only in your imagination and budget. Usually there are several types of graphics, which differ in budget and creation time:

  1. 2d graphics. Flat objects, numbers.
  2. 3d graphics. Three-dimensional objects, buildings, structures, as well as digital information and special effects.
  3. CGI, VFX – augmented reality, the creation of objects that were absent initially during the shooting, but after post-production look like one.


A company video should be bright, memorable and stand out among competitors. Otherwise, the creation of video clips like everyone else – is throwing the budget to the wind. In order for the result to be 100% predictable, we advise you to turn to professionals who have jobs in the portfolio that meet your needs.


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