An advertising video clip for a service has become one of the main elements of promotion in Internet marketing. The speed of life accelerates and people have less time to read benefits or characteristics. The business that makes convenient “packaging” receives the attention of the viewer. Here are some of the benefits of a video ad:

  • Laconicism. Unlike the article, a good video shortly and clearly shows and talks about the qualities, chips and advantages of the service.
  • Convenience. A man presses the play button, and then a matter of technology. It remains only to watch or listen to what is shown in the video. What can not be said about the text article.
  • Colorfulness and fascination. Animation or video shooting can really captivate the viewer so that he will definitely watch the video clip about the service to the end.
  • Sound. This is an underrated technique that, when used correctly, gives super results. Sound refers to the pleasant voice of the announcer, an interesting musical arrangement and sound design.

Promotional video for the service

Video shooting for the service

Here you can work both simple and understandable genres for the viewer, and invent something creative. Simple means shooting at the production / studio, an understandable story about the service, and more. If the topic is serious and is designed for the B2B market, then these videos are often created:

When marketing is done with the end user, it will be more profitable to watch a video with a creative presentation. When the script of such a promotional video lies before you, one of the test tests for suitability may be the question “will they want to share this video with friends?”.

2d animation for service

Animation is most often used when it is difficult or impossible to remove what is advertised, as well as to simplify complex schemes and processes. An animated video for a service is often cheaper to produce than shooting. This is because fewer specialists work on animation. Usually this is a list (there may be changes):

  • Project manager;
  • Screenwriter;
  • Artist;
  • Animator, motion designer;
  • Composer; Announcer;
  • Sound Engineer.

At the same time, when shooting a video, at least 2-3 times more specialists take part than when creating an animation.

3d animation for service

The creation of 3D animation is due to the participation in t work of specialists of a higher class than in 2D animation. In addition, the time for the project with the same timing increases by 2-3 times, which affects the budgets of such videos. Of course, 3D animation remains exclusive, because not every marketing company can afford such videos.

What affects the recall of the promotional video for the service?

Regardless of what type of video content you have chosen for your brand, there are general characteristics that improve the wow effect and memorability of the commercial. What is peckshot and examples you can read here.

  • Peckshot is one of the most important parts of your video. It is in this part that the viewer will remember your brand and the main appeal and message.
  • Music. Music is 25-30% of the success of any video clip. There are free and paid stocks, but the best option is to order music from the composer or buy rights from a famous artist.
  • Voice of the announcer. This is no less than the voice of your brand. The nicer the voice, the more likely it is to “hook” the viewer.
  • Hooks. At edpit agency, we call hooks interesting moments in a video clip that “catch” the viewer’s attention and force him to watch until the end.


An advertising video clip for a service can be either animation or video shooting, the most important thing is that your advantages are understood by the viewer. It is important not to forget that you not only sell your service, but also keep the viewer’s attention. Therefore, maintaining the balance of sell / entertain should be controlled by you at the stage of writing the script.